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Contact - 24/7

Direct Number: (617) 992-6588

Eastern Standard Time USA


Boston Meetings. In urgent circumstances, we are usually able to meet at Boston/Logan within the hour 24/7 including all holidays.

Accommodation & meeting/conference rooms at Boston/Logan - 0 miles from the airport.


Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor – Boston Logan Airport

101 Harborside Drive

Boston, Ma 02128

Concierge: Front desk:


(617) 568-1234, ask for David Follett.


Hilton - Boston Logan Airport

One Hotel Drive

Boston Ma 02128


Embassy Suites - Boston Logan Airport

207 Porter St

Boston Ma 02128


Boston/Logan 24/7 Private and Business Aviation Terminal. Full concierge services & meeting/conference rooms are available directly at the terminal including all holidays.


Just Words clients who travel via private and business aviation receive personal VIP concierge services directly from:

Signature Aviation

240 Prescott St

Boston, MA 02128


Diana Spadea, Customer Experience Representative

Signature Aviation

P 617 561 2500

C 617 418 9163



If Diana is unavailable:

Gordana Maric, General Manager

Signature Aviation

P 617 561 2500


Image by Charles Deluvio
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