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  • (From About): What do you do?
    We write final drafts, subject to client input, for prominent plaintiff litigators, GC's, senior management of Fortune 1000 and disruptive high-growth firms. From your last drafts, we write final drafts of pleadings. We also write any stage of demand letter or critical correspondence – initial draft through final. The hallmark of our work is discretion, clarity, brevity, and above all, impact, and results.
  • (From About): Who are you?
    We are discretion. Invisible. No one will know about our contribution to your work but the people you want to know. Your NDA or ours. We are experience. SCOTUS. Circuit Courts. Countless demand letters, political speeches, social events, press copy, and critical legal and business correspondence. We are cost-effective. A proverb comes to mind: “The least expensive professional is often the one who charges the most.” For initial engagements, there is no fee if you don’t use the work.
  • (From About): How do you do it?
    Passion. For your work. Its importance. And to get results for you and your clients. Focus. It gives you the edge. An unfair advantage. We work on a maximum of three cases at a time. Process & Philosophy. Process, including deadline issues and rates may be found here. Philosophy here.
  • Deadlines. What are your deadlines?
    Depending on the work, we ask for at least one week, but do our best to work within your circumstances. The work is the variable – we will let you know if we can take the assignment once we understand the scope of work to be done. Process.
  • Rates. How much do you charge?
    1) Initial assignments are $25,000 minimum plus travel and per diem if required. We will provide an exact quote when we understand the scope of the work. A 50% retainer is requested. The balance is billed net 30 from completion of the assignment. 2) Subsequent assignments are $50,000 minimum plus travel and per diem if required. A 50% retainer is requested. We will provide you a fee estimate when we understand the scope of the work. The balance is billed net 30 from completion of the assignment.
  • Engagement Process. What is your engagement process?
    1) Contact. You are welcome to email or call directly, 24/7 including holidays. 2) Conflicts Check. This usually takes less than five minutes. 3) Basic questions: A) What is the nature of the work you need? B) What are the deadlines? C) When will your last draft be available to work from? 4) NDAs. We are glad to execute your NDA or ours before or after we understand the scope of the work. We are usually able to execute the NDA within 15 minutes. 5) Review of Work. The review of the work requested usually takes one to eight hours, depending on the scope of work, to determine: A) All deadline issues; B) If we are able to take the work; and C) A cost estimate. 6) Services Agreement. We send you a services agreement, usually within 15 – 30 minutes of our acceptance of the assignment.
  • Qualifications. What are your qualifications?
    Our senior writer has 40 years’ non-bar experience with an AM 100 firm in research and drafting, as a judicial clerk, in public interest work, and writing local, regional, and national press copy.
  • References.  Do you have references?
    Yes. While we don’t ask clients for a reference, some have offered. Please contact us here.
  • What is your hourly rate?
    We bill on a value-added basis, and our rate structure may be found here.
  • Work Sample Availability. May we see a sample of your work?
    We are glad to provide a reference, but have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy regarding client’s work product. Just as we would not share your work with others, or ask to do so, we maintain confidentiality of our client’s work.
  • Jurisdiction(s). Is your work limited to nationality or jurisdiction?
    No. We work for members of their respective Bar in any nationality, jurisdiction, or language.
  • Data Security/Encryption. Will you use our data security and/or encryption protocols and apps?
    Yes. We are glad to work with your I.T. people to comply with your practices.
  • Writing - Philosophy/Methodology. What is your writing philosophy and methodology?
    It may be found here.
  • Writing - Stylistic Options. Are you able to write in any style or tone that we request?
    Yes. Your style or ours. Philadelphia formal, Brooklyn blunt, or anywhere in between. If you prefer us to write in your tone and style, we request 1-3 samples - redacted is fine.
  • NDAs. Will you execute an NDA?
    Yes, yours or ours – your preference.
  • Non-Bar Writing Practice. Are you members of my Bar?
    No. Ours is a writing practice limited to support of the work of members of their respective Bar. We are non- Bar writers with decades of experience in law (AM 100), business (Fortune 100 – 1000), and local and national journalism.
  • Do you provide legal advice?
    No. Only if requested will we offer an observation of a legal issue to members of their respective Bar. We defer to the client for the final call on strategy, tactics, and research.
  • Availability to Work at Client’s Site. Are you available to work at our site, or “on the road” with us?"
    Yes, depending on our workload at the time.
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